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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
I've been doing a series of tests on marine snow, debris, detritus and have to agree on what scientists say about it's part in the natural dinoflagellate blooms.

Even though I've seen dinos sitting on bare rocks the most common places they settle in is where there is organic debris. So this adds to the other parameters we have discussed frequently.

Here is an awesome photo that shows what dinos are doing when they are free swimming.
This has to be the same stuff that binds the dinos in mats.
I will check it out. On a slow connection tonight...but will get to it.

It's interesting how Jason has taken his tank in and out of bloom a few times. For me, this just shows how one of us with dino/cyano/gha, can take or change one variable to the extreme thinking it's good for the tank, and something else quickly falls into it's place in the ecosystem.

I think a large part of my Amphidinium bloom was the use of GFO over the previous month. I was beating down a .5+ppm and I think I graciously overdid it too quickly and it was replaced by the bloom. I did manage to kill back all the GHA pretty quick.

Anyway, I added some GFO back in the reactor, to see if I can repeat the same thing...ha.

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