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Originally Posted by neiltus View Post
Gotcha...I also noticed in the metro you gave a pretty heftier dose than what others had done. Was there any bounce-back after the dosing was over (or attempt at the dino) to bounce back?

I have ordered a bottle of Vibrant. I am curious, but don't want to jump into using it. I have thoughts regarding something, but I am not a biologist and not nearly as versed as some who are already using it. I am curious as if it will be a product that needs to be added to long-term use (to continue results absent a change in the tank environment/ecosystem) vs just using it to clear a problem quickly.

I appreciate your time on this...and the videos are cool.

Yes, I went more aggressive with the metro taking notes of twillards dosing and progress showing it was necessary and needed for more then 3 days. I noticed some at the end and a bit afterwards but not anywhere near the numbers previous. However, recently I've found I believe only 1 in many samples taken and that was back in September according to my notes. Pretty impressive. But only seems to have effected that one larger type. I belive to be a variety of Alexandrium genus.

I doubt it's completely gone. I would be surprised if it is.

Same with this product. I highly doubt that even if it could fight back all forms of dinoflagelets and other nuisances that they could not come back or be in the tank somewhere. I would assume one would have to do some maintenance dose long term if they wanted. Its really not that bad cost wise for doing something like that if effective.

Personally, I have no plans to continue dosing this in the long run. Only doing this out of curiosity and entertainment and hope others get something from it.

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