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So my tank is pretty much covered in dinos. I've had reefs for 12 years, and never had them. My current tank is a 120, but the bulk of the rock I've had for 9 years. It moved from a 40 to a 65 to a 60 and now to my 120. I've added dry base along the way. Moved into this 120 when we moved houses and the tank was beautiful for about two months until these nasties invaded. Since then my snails have died and my coral health has gone down the tubes.

I suspected they were dinos, but today my wife who is a teacher borrowed some microscopes from the science teacher at her school. I managed to maneuver my iphone to get some photos of these nasty things. Here is the best one. Does anyone know what species I'm dealing with here?

Here is a link to get the original image if that helps

Current tank: 120g 30g sump, 2x250w Hamilton on Lumatek ballast with Hamilton Cayman Sun reflectors, Avast Marine Pegleg 180 skimmer, Gyre 150, Eheim 1262 return
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