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Originally Posted by nematode View Post
We have tried so many things that you should aim for something wildly different from what has already been proven to be futile.

I am finally trying oryzalin (a plant "specific" microtubule inhibitor). See my post 340-343 for a little more detail. It has been two years and this one tank of mine still has this dinoflagelatte like condition (I think it is actually a Eudorina based on the looks), but it behaves like a classical dinoflagelllate.

Dosed a very low dose ( 3ml of 0.1 mg/ml in ethanol) this evening.

will push until I see an effect or run out of oryzalin
Interesting. Would like to hear back on this.

My Amphidinium issue seems under control as of today. I know there still there, but wonder if enough molestation I did cut them back:

1) added another conch and some sandbed snails to stir up more crap
2) raised pH via Kalk, total of 5 days over 8.4 during lights on periods, gave a break after each day.
3) raised dkh from 8.3 -> ~9.5
4) dumped some pods in there.
5) Added some Dr. Tims
6) tried adding a shaving brush plant in the fuge, skimmer went ape and it stank, removed and replaced with some cheato.
7) Added some seachem purigen
8) Turned up light intensity a little

Also have a decent microscope on the I can actually get an ID and photos on this stuff. Pretty excited about that. Had a clinical pathologist help me with the model.

I added back GFO on 11/30, maybe 2/10 cup to see if that would bring them back. Cleaned skimmer last sunday.

I hate to say the battle is done...but the sandbed looks nice.
PO4-.08 Hanna
NO3-25 Salifert
34.4 cond.
Ca 430
Mg 1350

I ordered a bottle of vibrant just to have on hand. Not dosed yet.

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