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I took a brief look at the other Vibrant threads and what I read makes sense in several ways so I'm going to attempt to import it.
I have very little faith in bottled magic solutions, but have nothing to lose so why not.

I've established a firm believe, through my latest observations, that marine snow (debris or detritus) is essential to dinoflagellates.
My tank has the most dense floating particle count I've seen in any tank and that is without any sandbed and very short lighting period.
The skimmer is pulling less of it than I'd expect, but the filter sock can clog in a day. There is plenty of hard fecal pellets and calcareous particles in there that one would expect the skimmer to have a hard time to remove. It's been this way for a very long time and to my surprise the effect of removal of the sand-bed and drastically shorter lighting period, was negligent.

If the stuff works I've got a pretty good idea how we get dinos in the first place and how to maximize its chances.

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