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In my case there is a clear link between dinos and marine snow. I've been trying to spot if that is the case for other tanks as well.
It's quite difficult to eyeball the density of floating particles since it's all about reference. A dimly T5 lit reef tank with a bright background will not reveal them well compared to a bright small light source against a black background. The best general method would be to use a very bright (led) flashlight in total darkness. You would shine it from a side panel and watch the particles from the front panel.

The indirect indication in my tank is that the skimmer is not pulling the same amount of gunk as before. These things change slowly so reefers are unlikely to notice them. The current theory is that the marine snow gets to stay longer in the tank giving dinos ample time to feast as they flock on top of them on the sandbed. If you get my drift you'll see how the claims from Vibrant make sense to me. It's the poop converting properties I'm excited about, so as I mention 5 posts back, assisting it the best way you can seems to be a wise thing to do.

The guys at BRS seem to have dinos in their show tank and high particle count. How is it in yours?

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