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From some of the more experienced brothers on here. That read most or all of this . Can we get we get a re cap so far of the methods that seem to be working for most ?
Like dosing vibrant , black outs , cut lighting back , run dirty , etc etc

And things not do
Like water changes , some say not to run gfo ? And so on

I battling Dino's , I don't know the strain it's the stringy brown crap with bubbles .
On the rocks and sand , I blacked out the tank for 4 days 4 weeks ago and they came back !
Running a fuge with cheato , also a gfo reactor.
I'm not over feeding , nitrates at zero , phosphates at zero! All rodi filters are new.

I'm desperate I wouldn hate to have to tear down my tank .if I. Any beat them. And I don't want to dose chemicals that can hurt my fish .

I'm doing another 5 day black out ,and I just ordered some vibrant to dose .
A I run the blue leds 10hrs and white 4 hrs. I will also cut their timing down .

Any other suggestions ?

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