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Back on page 161-162 you can see my problem. One of the things I changed was my salt mix. Up until that problem, I had been using HW Marinemix Reef. I tested it for PO4 and it came in at .03 on the Hanna Checker.

Back in November I changed to red sea blue bucket, and the dino gradually faded away. I did a number of other variable changes as well.

Last friday I did a water change of 17.5g with some of the HW Marine salt. I also prepared 10gallons of new water for a coral QT tank. This week the dino are back, not to the level that they were, but they are back nonetheless in both the DT (received 17.5g) and the coral QT (received 10g).

I do have another QT running with red sea blue salt in it, it is dino free.

I know this is purely coincidental, but I suspect that the salt mix has something in it that feeds them.

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