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So I spent a quite a bit of time studying from about post 100 and on. I decided to try the "dirty" method. Although, I am not sure it is a successful approach still or not as it was hard to keep track of who implemented it, saying it worked, then came back weeks later saying they had problems again.

In addition to the dirty method, i have started a ATS. I notice a fair amount of green algae on the glass now and also have some GHA now growing on the overflow and my ATS in the sump. Whats strange is I can't get a nitrate reading throughout the whole course of this tank's life! That bugs me as in tanks past I have always had an ongoing battle with nitrates creeping up. Phosphates in this tank seem easy to manipulate though in either direction.

On a positive note, the dinos have died down dramatically, so much so that I don't consider them a problem. However, Cyano has taken their place...where do I go from here? Keep riding dirty and see if the GHA takes over the Cyano and that my ATS picks things up? Try the ChemiClean?...but I don't want to make way for the Dinos again...

It seems from others experiences, I will inevitably always have to run a dirty tank as the minute they employed nutrient control techniques for GHA or cyano, the dinos came back.

Lastly, I haven't removed the sandbed.....yet...but if I can't get the Cyano under control, I will use my handy Home Depot bucket head and suck it out, followed by a water change. I really don't want to do this, as I can't stand barebottom tanks. The hobby has really become not enjoyable as of late...

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