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Hello All. I've been struggling trying to eradicate a nasty slimy brown type of growth that keeps coming back. This stuff starts as small almost translucent, very slimy little whisps which are strink like. They attach to sand rock tank, everything except the fish. They eventually grow and smother the rock work and completely cover the back of the tank.

existing thread with pics of before and after (recent tank reset):

I've already done several complete tank tear-downs, washed the everything, set it back up with new substrate rock etc. and eventually it returned as seen in the photo (below).

I'm just completely frustrated, but I found this thread and I think Dino's might be my problem.

I just did another tank reset and everything is scrubbed and cleaned. I'm thinking about trying VIBRANT as a proactive measure and hoping that will battle the Dino's (if that's what was taking over my tank) before they can get a foot hold on my tank.

Has anyone had success using this product?

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