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Just wanted to report back that I tried Vibrant Aquarium cleaner (states gets rid of algae etc) in my tank just after the most recent tank reset.

So far the residual grayish light brownish crap that was on the backwall of my tank and has been growing for almost 2 years is on the retreat. After the initial dose about a week ago I'd say that it has receded by almost 75% and is very close to being totally gone. I just applied the 2nd dose today and I'm very optimistic that this product will finally be just what I was looking for as a solution.

Not saying this is the fix-all for anyone and HATS OFF to DNA and everyone else's work on this thread/problem. Just reporting my experience: Also keep in mind I just did a tank reset and removed all old sand (replaced with new Tahitian Moon Sand = non aragonite based substrate) thus removing about 90% of the "crap" whatever it was out of the tank: so that back up what DNA and everyone else is saying about clean, clean clean. There was some residual "crap" still left on the backwall that I didn't get off. In previous tank resets this stuff would just grow and grow until about 6 months later, it would cover everything in the tank including backwall, sand and rocks. This time the residual crap has receded about 75%.

Very excited about the thoughts of a perpetually clean tank: so will post back in another week or so....

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