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God knows why this thread is still going..I think by the time you've read the 1st three pages you get the gist of the conclusion... Dino flagelates will be the last thing to exist on earth when all other organisms are dead..

The best advice I can give to you is flush your water down the drain, clean all rock and equipment.. and start again.. your wasting time and money and risking your health dealing with these things..

I tried allsorts like the things mentioned in here trying to resurrect the wellbeing of my tank..
I boiled my water which cleared them, but although I was free of them and none existed in my system after that I've never had anything live in my water other than fish and critters.

Corals would die within a few week.. ive since decommissioned that old tank and started a new one.. I can only advise the same to you to revert the wasting of time I suffered..

Good luck..

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