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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
Since this is a problem solved I see no need in further discussions here, but if you like to keep going be my guest.
I have no doubt that my results can be repeated by anyone with Ostreopsis dinoflagellates and probably most other types as well.

I'd like to thank everyone that participated and took active part in tests and discussions.
It's been a long journey and with persistence and stubbornness we have won a number of small victories and a the ultimate result eventually.

From day one in 2013 I set out to document, share and eliminate every imaginable method that I and others could come up with and towards the end I had a hard time coming up with new ones and almost lost all hope. I have to say there was no luck involved in finally getting rid of the dinos. I've spent ridiculous time on dinoflagellates so it was a well informed decision that nailed it. I really like to lead other reefers out of the dark and having showed the way, they can come out when they like.

The joy in finding a reason and a solution for such as a difficult problem as dinoflagellates is like nothing else.

Now I'm moving on.
Will be trying this method starting on the weekend, So far I have taken all my fish out and in to a holding tank, removed all my sps from the live rock and chucked the rock. The SPS now sit on egg crate racking. The tank will be spotless after I clean out the sump on the weekend. I will also run a 1 micron sock and hose out daily to ensure there is no marine snow. I will report back when I have results. My dino is osti and I have tried every method including Vibrant and even bleach as going on in another forum.

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