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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
taricha - maybe you should put a matrix table together ... name the dinos on top (left to right), and then the control variables/properties on the left (up down)...

vulnerability to UV
vulnerability to Peroxide
vulnerability to Cilliate predation
benthic vs. night floating

then we can add to the table as we learn more
Been thinking about this for a while, and as this 4000+ post thread is sorta catching it's breath, I think maybe it's a good time to take stock of what we know, and put in a somewhat accessible form.

Here's a Shared Google doc. Currently it's just an outline: I've set it to be editable by any interested party. I intend to work on filling in the outline as time permits with what we know, and hopefully convincing others to help out. It's not going to be any "new" revelations, just collection of what's out there. (but there's more success out there than people realize)
I feel like we have all the information to fill this out, it's just that the information in this guide currently exists as posts and papers and links scattered in many threads across several places connected together by the brains of users who've been following this battle.

My questions are:
#1 do we think this would be worth doing?
#2 anything about the outline that any can think should be added? other treatment methods I've overlooked? Other things people mistake for dinos, but aren't?
#3 organization of the outline, Does this make sense? Is it going to be so big it's useless? My idea is that most users would go straight to the "types of Dinos" part, figure out from pics/vids which of "the big 3" they have, and there would be a list of recommended treatment methods at the bottom of each kind of dino, then jump down to those treatments, and decide which ones they want to attempt.

I'm gonna post the outline here just this once so people can see without clicking the link.

  • What are Dinoflagellates?
  • What causes them?
Types of Dinoflagellates
  • The Big 3
-Ostreopsis Ovata
-Amphidinium Sp.
-Prorocentrum Sp.
  • Others Rarely Found in Aquaria
-Amphidinium Carterae
-Symbiodinium-like (no-ID)
-Ostreopsis Lenticularis
-Coolia Sp.
-Spherical quick-spinning (no-ID)
  • Sometimes confused for Dinoflagellates
Treatment Methods
  • Mechanical
-Dino Scrubber Floss
-Sandbed Removal
-Microfiltration/Marine Snow Removal
  • Chemical
-Fresh Water
  • Biological/Environmental
-Live Phyto
-High Nitrate
-High Phosphate
-Sandbed Transplant
-Algae Scrubber
  • Other
-Lights out
  • Combination Protocols

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