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I'm done fighting mine. Tried vibrant, didn't work. Tried clean method, didn't work. Tried dirty method, didn't work. Tried live phyto and pods, didn't help. Tried a few other methods and they didn't help. At this point I'm tired of
spinning my wheels. Been fighting these things for 10 months. Most of my corals are dead and all my snails are dead. Luckily my fish are still totally healthy. So I've decided to transplant my fish and some rock to a 20 gallon, totally tear down my 120, kill and sterilize the rock and let it dry, then start over with that sterilized rock and some new live rock. Then after quarantining the fish I'll move them back. I'll get rid of the few remaining corals I have and start new. If my corals were still ok I'd hold on but really I'm fighting dinos in a mostly bare tank at this point so I don't see why I don't just start over.

Current tank: 120g 30g sump, 2x250w Hamilton on Lumatek ballast with Hamilton Cayman Sun reflectors, Avast Marine Pegleg 180 skimmer, Gyre 150, Eheim 1262 return
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