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Originally Posted by trmiv View Post
Thanks for the link. I'm not sure mine looks like any of those three. I took a video at various magnifications if anyone wants to see (forgive my daughter watching Elf in the background ). Mine move more like bumper cars, they are all over the place

and here is another pic i snapped

Wow. Just went back and looked at your vids.
These were the first dinos I had in my tank. The co-occurred with amphidinium at same time in different spots on my sand.
Here they are in my tank.

I looked for months and saw no one else with this kind, but now you and another reefer have both posted these in 2 days.

Anyway, my best ID for these is Coolia monotonis. Some YouTube vids of Coolia that seem to match shape and motion pretty well.

Also here's a google animation I did of changing focal plane to look at structure.

Have you done UV? I don't know if these go into water column at night.

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