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just spent the last 5 weeks doing large water changes with a shop/wet vac removing all my sand (crushed coral). As the last 10 or so page of this thread convinced me that removing my sandbed would be essential. Tons of detritus in there, etc. - but this did nothing to the dino population...if anything, the dinos are now all over the rock where as before they were staying in the sand more.

I am seriously shaken by all this - removing the sand was my last straw - this has taken so much of my time and caused a great deal of stress where my previous reef tanks had been so enjoyable. Not sure what to do at this point - tried dirty method, tried clean method, which seems to reduce them quite a bit, but corals pale and fish go hungry, so when you up the food some they explode again. I think my battle is over, and dinos have won. Maybe Ill try to see how bad I can get them in my tank for fun...

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