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Good point. The infestation starts because of a unique chemical imbalance (usually driven by our own virulent attempts to eradicate algae ).

In my case, I use Lanthanum to eliminate phosphates. For others, it's overindulging carbon dosing eliminating nitrates... point is we went too far in our zealous endeavors and now we need to reset.

To right the ship, we need to know which chemical is missing that algae needs & feed it. I went so far as to consider adding Miracle Grow right down to looking at the toxicity of the metals in it. Maybe that's too much

Today, I'm proud of my massive waste collecting sediment filter and algae scrubber tank:

 photo 6A1D4A56-6D9C-4852-B0A4-E1EBD517E95C_zpsytpo6lwa.jpg

And I even keep track of my CO2 to make sure my precious green garden is satisfied without robbing carbonates from my SPS:

 photo 2E40D3F8-10A1-4E1F-8173-B99A4A5E1794_zpsiyjmrx3d.jpg

and just to stay in balance, I don't even throw my algae away! I feed it back to my DT fish:

 photo CABDC418-1517-4734-8E0E-922C04BBEA7B_zpsrmtsbddb.jpg

 photo IMG_7234_zpsime9xskt.jpg

Like the Irish guy on the Scott's commercial says: "Feed your lawn! FEED it!"

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