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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
I did try Vibrant for the tiny patches left and I'd say it has no effect on ostis.
That can not be said for my well thought out method that actually works.
No luck involved and I still feel like a superhero.

DNA - I know you said it's your last post here so maybe this question is for others...I have read a lot but not all...and I read about the method that worked for you.

Has anyone else had success with DNAs method (marine snow removal)?

FWIW I got to mine by what seems to be a common route: tank is 5-6 years old - Had a cyano breakout - used chemi - that worked but then I couldn't skim for a while but was ignorant so I kept up feeding then had green hair - Ni an Po where high understandably - started NoPox which brought parameters in check and eradicated green hair and then within a day or so - viola! brown nasty stringy snotty crap developing everywhere - parameters still in check near zero ni and po.

I am at the beginning of the battle - have long since had a minimal/shallow sand bed so I will remove the rest of that as was planned anyway. Plenty of crap settled all over my rocks. My fuge is currently sand and rocks and dark.

crossing my fingers....

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