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Originally Posted by rog2961 View Post
My dinos always come back once the rodi filters start going bad, seems if I have anything over 10ppm problems start. We have well water here that is pretty high in iron. The higher the ppms get, the more dinos there are. Ive been running a huge 100g chaeto fuge for a while and it hasnt really been a problem. I also dont use a skimmer.

If I get them again, i think ill try UV. Sounds like a lot of people just dont know how to use it properly.
Awesome. My experience also found iron as a likely dino limiter, and macroalgae (chaeto/caulerpa) as a way to regulate it. Thumbs up on UV.

Originally Posted by meegwell View Post
meant to say brown/grey not green
Thanks. I just assumed you and I had different definitions of green :-)

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