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So i wanted to check in to give an update and obtain some assistance on what to do next.

I went dirty, real dirty.

I turned off the skimmer, filled my fuge full of chaeto, fed a ton (auto feeder filled with flakes) and frozen, dosed brightwell nitrate (got it up to 20+), ultimately trying to get other algae to grow.

The good news is dinos are hardly visible now, yes I still have them, but can't really see them too much with the naked eye, they have been reduced drastically to almost non-existent.

The bad news is my rock is covered in red cotton candy algae now which is also coated with nice creamy frosting of cyano...I know, bad mixture...! I was hoping I'd get GHA instead....I should be happy about the dinos, but now I am at a point where I am not sure what to do with this massive algae outbreak with cyano mixed in.

I am annoyed that my chaeto won't grow at all for some reason...I originally hoped that if I added enough - basketball size amount, it would out compete other algae, but its not growing at all, but is alive. This has me stumped as the same light and setup has grown chaeto quite quickly in the past. I've added a few mexican turbo snails to try and clean up the cotton candy algae, but don't want to employ carbon/gfo or heavy skimming to drive nutrients down to deal with it, as it seems in the past when I drove nutrients down with GFO, a dino bloom occurred....

So for those of you that went "dirty" - what did you do once the competing algae was in full bloom and the dinos subsided? Especially if the chaeto isn't growing....? I certainly don't want to use chemi-clean for the cyano as I think that would make conditions ideal again for the dinos to take hold. I imagine I will have to live with the dinos for the rest of this tank's life, but if I can keep them not visible, I'd be happy enough.


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