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Originally Posted by skuller View Post
There is only one solution to dinoflagellates:


They are the only microfauna who can eat them at our tanks and reef aquariums,
There are also ciliates that can eat dinos, and their contribution can be significant. I have pics of a half dozen different ciliates having ingested dinos.

Originally Posted by skuller View Post
if you have a tank FULL of copepods, you wont have dinos,
If you change this to say "you won't have low/non-toxic dinos" - then I agree 100%.
Originally Posted by skuller View Post
this was my experience before I added my six line, my tank was white and nice, after the six line my pod and microfauna dissapeared, and the dinos came to take my tank.
This is another reefer's tank with an army of amphipods.
Then according to the user, they got ostreopsis and the pods died.

I almost 100% agree with you, just need caveats.
If your dinos are sand/rock dwellers of low toxicity, there is no better cure than pods and phyto (add phyto because nothing can grow on dinos alone).
If you have a large population of pods, and they are well fed, they can keep even a toxic bloom from forming.
If you don't provide food other than toxic dinos, your pods will slow down in eating them, and eventually stop, and be overrun.
If you give dinos the perfect conditions to grow, it's possible they can over-run the pods. Dinos can more than double population in a day, and pods can't.
If you have a well-established toxic dino bloom, all the pods you add will do no good - you must drastically reduce the dino numbers first.

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