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Originally Posted by jjencek View Post
I have asked for help in a different thread to identify a "bacteria" bloom in my 5 month old tank. I was given the impression that I have to different problem locations. The first problem is red stuff - probably cyano (see first image), but I am not sure about the other back wall stuff. It is on most of my back wall, algae like consistency, with lots of bubbles and also diano like strings waving out of it. Please see the remaining images. The size is about 70 um. Is it a diano, and if yes, which one?
Thank you all.

To follow up based on your comments, "no movement" and "the grouping" of the unknown, I believe I got diatoms with the cyano. Of course I am glad to hear any further comments.

Now I need to plan the attack. I got them surrounded!

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