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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
Cyano and dinos have different causes and different fixes.

My conclusion is that dinos are in every system but are kept under control by the algae that normally occupy that part of the food chain and N, P cycles. When all things are in balance, algae take up excess N and P and dinos can't take over.

Overzealous reef keepers who remove all algae by eliminating either N or P (chemicals, C dosing) create an environment without limits to dinos. Once they take hold, dinos alter the chemistry to keep algae out.

The fix is to decimate their population and reestabliah safe zones for algae to thrive and rebalance the system. This sometimes includes adding N and P back to allow normal algae growth.

Thanks great comments! I completely agree however I'm still battling them. I rid them in the past by going "dirty" and basically overfed for weeks. Then started a huge GHA problem. Then installed a ATS. Tank got clean and now dinos back. I just confirmed I have the Amphidinium sp type.

So two questions based on your comments:

1) besides overfeeding how can I raise P04?

2) do I still run my ATS? Seems like a bit counterproductive?


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