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Bheron, are you dosing anything other than ca,alk, stump remover?
I've come to conclusion that overfeeding is a really bad way to elevate nutrients when fighting dinos. I'll post links later, but basically macroalgae processes simple forms of N better than complicated ones (duh). But weirdly dinos uptake complicated forms of N (aminos) better than simple ones.
Stump remover is "better" than extra fish food.

Seachem flourish phosphorus is straight p and a (teensy bit of k).
For the more reckless, high p miracle grow liquid fertilizer is something I've used to raise p. At the levels we're talking about (
<.10ppm phosphate) the other things in there are vanishingly small. And if I'm running healthy algae in my system, I'm not worried about accumulation of weird trace metal stuff.

Cyano: From what I've seen ostis are not closely associated with cyano. amphidinium frequently follows cyano and happily colonizes a cyano mat, sometimes turning it brown to the eye.
Jason's dinos showed up on the sand and seemed hand in hand with cyano much like amphidinium in other systems.

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