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4,000+ posts on this topic. Figure'd I'd chime in with my current experience.
Tank is ~15 months old. Been fighting dinos for ~1 month. Water changes, no water changes, chemiclean (mis-diagnosed as cyano). Nothing helped. While i run a calcium reactor, i also drip pickling lime. Last weekend, i dripped a bit too much pickling lime (forgot i left my valve open too much during topoff). By the time i realized it, my tank looked like a snow storm.
My pumps and powerheads did a good job of blowing the excess off my corals, but it seemed to stick to the dinos, which ~1 week later, are finally showing signs of receding (from sand bed and rocks).
Not sure i would recommend this, but looking positive for first time in awhile. Didnt lose any corals either. alk spiked to 10.4 (from 8.8) as a result.
Will post if anything changes.

New house, Out of hobby for a few years. Larger tank. Purchasing and Researching...
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