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Issues with my new 135g

Ok everyone. I am not new to reefing. I had a 180g a few years ago but had to tear down due to a divorce. Back in Novemebr of 2016 I decided to get back in with a 28g nano tank. Everything was great. A very healthy tank. Then I got a good deal on a 135g 4ft long tank. And so the build started for about 4 months. As I knew that I wanted to do it right and not skimp on anything. So after building my fish room in th ebasemant getting my new sump and all the needed supplies I started the tank up about 2 months ago. Left the lights off and allowed the tank to cycle. Once the tank was cycled (3weeks) I moved everything over to the new tank. Including my rock from the nano. ALl of the new rock was purchased from a reputable LFS and was all dry. SO moved the lights over and turned everything on and boom in 2 weeks i have an outbreak. I am not 100% sure it was dinos but looks very simialiar. The only thing that is not confimring to me that it is Dinos is that when I do siphon off the brown stuf it does leave an hair algea type plant attached to the rock and is of a light tan to light brown in color. It will only come off if I brush it off. But it does have a bubble that forms in it. I have had 3 shrimp and many snails perish along with a Lawnmower blenny and small blue eyed tang. I do have a Algae Turf Scubber on-line that was starting to go green algae the first couple of weeks but since has turned all completey brown. I do not know what my phospahte leve are at as I do not have a test kit for this. One thing that I do notice is that this stuff will not grow on the rock that was in the Nano tank as it is covered in coraline algae. I do very heavy water changes 30-60gallons a week. I have noticed that since I have put some GAC and chemipure in my filter socks it has slowed down. I will attach some pics if anyone can help Id this. I do not have a microscope though
I did purchase 2x BRS jumbo reactors today for GAC and GFO. And I also purchased every single Salifiert test kit as well.

135g w/ basement fish room, custom made Advanced Acrylics sump, custom ATS, Aqua Illumination lights, saltwater mixing station

RIP my 180g DT,75g sump,90g fuge, 3X250w MH w/Radiums,MSX300A drilled
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