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I don't usually post here, but I wanted to post my recent success vs. Dinos. I'm just going to copy past from my thread on another forum. I am on day two of UV treatment and they are basically GONE. Details below:

My Dino's came back after I started doing water changes again (20% weekly). This was about a month ago.

I took a relatively hands off approach by just dosing some phosphates to keep them around 0.1ppm and continuing to feed heavy to maintain my 5ppm nitrates. The Dino's got worse and worse over the month to the point of starting to **** off my limited zoas/palys as well as reduce polyp extension in SPS.

My type of Dino's seems to go into the water column at night for the most part, so I decided to try something that I haven't tried in the 1+ years that I've been dealing with this garbage in 3 tanks now... a UV sterilizer. I bought a 55 watt jebao pond sterilizer on amazon for $70ish dollars. It arrived yesterday and I hooked it up in the afternoon. I plumbed it directly to the display with a 300 gph quietone pump set to its lowest setting. I have not measured the exact output but it's quite slow. I'm running the UV 24/7 for now.

95% of the Dino's were gone this morning. Nothing but the white death webs were left.

During my lights on today there was NO noticeable growth in the few tiny areas of Dino's that I can barely find. So far this has been a HUGE success for me and this was the only change I have made... other than blasting the tank with a turkey baster a few hours after lights out to get as much in the water column as possible. Seems like a heck of a coincidence if it wasn't the UV.

My sunny Ds are open for the first time in over a week and I have noticeably more polyp extension in my SPS.

I will continue to update this thread with my findings, but if you have Dino's that seem to dissipate during lights out I HIGHLY recommend giving this a try.

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