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Originally Posted by jason2459 View Post
FWIW, the UV has done nothing to the cyano, dino's, or ORP in my system in the 400-500gph range with a 56watt AquaUV unit.

Going to take it offline and see what pushing a lot of O3 through my system will do. Currently I have a small red sea ozone generator and can only go up to 50mg/hr and I run at minimum of that. So, I have a new generator coming in that can push 200mg/hr through my skimmer which has a flow rate of about 390-400gph and an air pull of about 30scfh.
Have you tried 100-150 gph? This is what I am at with my 55w jebao UV plumbed directly to the display and my dinos were 95% gone overnight. They are a type of dino that goes into the water column at night. I've read that extremely slow is the key to killing larger stuff like dinos and the difference was night and day overnight.

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