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Originally Posted by Fishboy2017 View Post
Any recommendations of where to get a good one? So your saying the black out technique is a no no?
If your goal is to knock back some photosynthetic pest a bit temporarily with a black out then a black out may help do that. However, most photosynthetic pests will bounce right back.

In the case of dinos most that would not like the blackout would just form a cyst and come right back when they feel like it. In fact this one type that I captured last night seemed perfectly fine with out light. And in fact was much more active then when I've seen them in my display tank under the microscope.

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For an ATS you can cheaply make your own.

I personally don't put as much weight into them in defeating dinos but I do believe in harvesting algae of some type in some way as a very good way to help control nutrients and unwanted elements like heavy metals that they uptake.

I currently run an ATS built by Turbo's aquatics and if you want to buy one I highly recommend his.
Mine setup over my sump.

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