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Originally Posted by Dono View Post
Posted this in the wrong forum, so I'm going to copy/paste it over here.

Hey everyone! I need some input on my 60 cube mixed reef.

I think I have a possible aggressive infestation of Dinos. I've had my current setup now for appx four months, and I know what you're thinking (because I thought it too) -- "your tank is cycling... calm down and take it easy young reefer", but this was a transferred tank from a previous build. After moving everything to the new tank a few months ago, I saw a cycle and that came and passed and everything was good up until about a week and a half ago when I thought I was getting a DIATOM bloom.

Stringy brown "algae" coating rocks, sand, glass... everything. Until I saw my pH drop to 7.4~ and the telltale bubbles clinging to the "algae". Edit: When I blow off the "algae" it "grows" back within and hour or less.

Now here's what I need:

1.) Am I crazy for thinking/confirming that these are Dinos and not a diatom bloom from my tank cycling out silicates?

2.) If it is Dinos, what're my courses of action?

-Raise pH with buffer/kalk?
-Hydrogen Peroxide Dosing? (I have stony corals and a full CUC, so this worries me)

RC, I've already lost one nice acro colony, and algae blenny, & and one of my Onyx clowns. Please bestow me some wisdom.

For reference, I'm using Red Sea reef salt, I do 5gal water changes every 2-3 days (and have since about the third or fourth week the tank was running), and here are the current water params:

Salt: 1.025
pH: 7.4*****
Amm: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: Undetectable
PO4: Undetectable



I've been battling Dino's for well over a month now. It was confirmed via microscope with the help of fellow reefers.

My recommendations based on my not try and fight this with chemicals. Try and do it the natural way. Chemicals just make the issue worst imo.

The only way to truest know if you are fighting Dino's is by looking at the algae under a microscope. But you do have the tell-tail signs of Dino's just by see your NO3 and PO4 undetectable. My first recommendation I would give would be to boost both your nitrates and phosphates. Running a clean system often gets us into trouble with the dreaded Dino's.

If you have Dino's the battle will be long, tough and hard but there are success stories out there if reefers beating this dreaded algae. I'm finally starting to see a slow improvement in my system but it took over a month of raising my N&P and getting rid of 50% of my sand bed.

Good luck!

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