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Originally Posted by Dono View Post
Im talking about the white stringy stuff. Sorry I couldnt get a better picture of the stuff on the rocks. It's brown-rust colored and stringy with bubbles in it. The stuff sitting in the water column formed after I turned the pumps off and it looks like it's suspended perfectly in the water column.

Yep, I'd say likely dinos.
Just to be clear, you turned off the pumps and the strands released and floated up? Others that have reported that behavior had ostreopsis dinos.

Originally Posted by Vdubin00 View Post
Hey guys so I tried that paper towel trick where you siphon some of the algae strain it over a glass of water and basically if the algae kinda solidifys you've got Dino's correct me if I'm wrong or I missed something,
Here is the link to the article I found this info on :

but here are my results
Here is when I strained it out

And here is about 20 minutes later

Am I screwed ??? =(

Textbook positive result. Positive for dinos, that is.
Regathering after paper towel. This is dumb, but could you post pic of kind of paper towel used? I tried it, and nearly no (amphidinium) dinos went through my paper towel.
May need to modify test directions for coffee filter or something.

Most Dino toxins are very similar to palytoxin, it's nasty stuff. If this were a toxic bloom, then mouth swishing with Dino sample would likely cause medical symptoms.
Run GAC in tank to reduce chance of interacting with toxins.

This is not medical advice. But I ran across instructions for treatment in case of ingestion of either saxotoxin or maiotoxin - one of the Dino toxins. It said the patient should drink 125g of a slurry of activated charcoal.
That sounds terrible.

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