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Originally Posted by Livingjewels View Post
The picture s where you first have it stirred up seems to look like it, however the one showing it slumped on the bottom says something else to me.

When I did this with mine the Dino seemed to remain in suspension; some would drop to the floor but not that much.

My new set up had a mix of orange sand like Dino / diatoms, but also had the odd membrane of cyano in places..

I tried a product called clean M by continuum and bacter M together and within a day or two it was significantly cleaner..

A week or so and the tank was spotless..

Like I've said the 1st Dino I had was very resilient and wouldn't go, the 2nd time i managed to clear it up, you may have a mix of stuff their form what I gather from the photos.. 30 it is worth a try..

Hey thank you for your advice I'm going to try those 2 products ,, I found the clean M stuff,, the other however I can't seem to find, did you mean this stuff ? Continuum bacter gen-m

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