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So I've been thinking about the reasons dinos kill algae scrubbers and then make it hard for them to get started again...

In nature, algae is able to win... so it is a capable competitor.

I think that we need to create an environment where algae has a supreme advantage over dinos & all other life...

This is for those situations where the tank is effectively dead or almost dead - so kill or cure

What if we turn off all light except on the scrubber. The algae scrubber's flow is basically air-exposed with tremendous flow. In that situation, the dinos should have a very hard time attaching since the water depth is effectively a few mms. Dinos can't survive in air.

So, the algae would have the complete upper hand with nutrients, light, air exposure and high flow. The dinos being heterotrophic would consumed dying material but can't use photosynthesis... at some point, the algae will have enough nutrients to get started...

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