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Core 7? Never again

I have a 3 year old sps tank, which was doing extremely well. Was dosing Bionic Ca/Alk/Mg. Decided to switch to Triton's Core 7 "other methods" and in a few weeks corals took a big dive to worse.

Monitored alk closely after the switch and slowly brought it down from 8.6 to 8.0 dkh. All parts were being dosed equally and I folowed the intructions as required.

Out of around 35 colonies, some of which ive had for many years, lost about 20.
As I noticed polyps not opening, loss of colors among other issues, I checked all other variables and everything remained the same as when the tank was thriving.

That was a big lesson for not changing things when It is all doing well.
From now on, back to basic dosing, proven methods, 10% water changes bi-weekly with a good salt.

Today hooked up the old dosing containers, and did a large water change. Will do another one tomorrow and keep stress off the tank. Hoping to get the remaining colonies to bounce back to what they were!

Rimless 150 Gal Sps System: Giesemann Spectra/New Apex/2x MP40qd's+ 2x Gyre XF250's/Cor20/Custom Stand, Sump and Algae Scrubber/2x DOS dosing/Skimz Octa 205i Skimmer

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