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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
ok. if we're all trying to learn from your misfortune, we need to understand what drove the loss.

If your alk did not spike, and your polyps retracted, then slow bleaching tips... what are you thinking happened?
Im scratching my head still. With the triton dosing system, all we can do is follow the alk level and hope all other params fall into place. I feel one if the components must have been off.

Originally Posted by bertoni View Post
I hope your corals recover! I'm sorry to hear about the problems.

I suspect that at least one of the solutions is a mix of various trace elements. I'd be cautious with the trace elements solutions. It'd be strange if the calcium and alkalinity solutions were causing trouble, but certainly not impossible.
Thank you Bertoni. Yes, I will not mess with trace elements again. I certainly think something in my water is way off for the sps.
Originally Posted by Alfrareef View Post
Sorry for your loss. Back in the past I've gone thru similar situation but with AF drops. At the time I really didn't found the root cause for the bleaching mainly because I was so sad and hungry I didn't investigate deeply.
Hope you can find what's happen so we all can learn with it.
Agree alfareef. I tried some of the AF drops maybe 6 months ago and didnt like the results either. With the Core 7 however, the bad reaction was almost immediate. I was very cautious to keep the tank stable during the new dosing implementation.

Here is the tank before the start when corals were doing fine

 photo 20170831_221516_zpssybsxrah.jpg

 photo 20170831_221534_zpsjqeopnsi.jpg

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