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Hey Chad,

First of all, thank you for choosing Reef Breeders to light your tank!

To address your first question- the V2s don't have 30minute steps- they are only 1 hour.

The red channel does add PAR and is used by corals for growth. Many people choose not to use them, mostly due to personal preference and a belief (which is still unproven) that red light may aide in algae growth. We are testing this idea with an experiment right now and will have more conclusive results soon.

The Green LEDs are used to adjust the kelvin rating without affecting the par, they basically let you fine-tune to overall color of the light.

The schedule we have in Excel just makes a sine wave curve- you should make the 9am values about half of the 10am values, and 21:00 should be 0 on all channels- unless you want the moon lights on at night. That would make it 12 hours of daylight total.

As far as moonlights go- pick an output that looks good (I would say no more than 5% on channel 5 to avoid giving corals too much light at night) and have that on maybe 3 hours after the lights are off, and 3 hours before they come on, since that is when you will most likely be viewing the tank with moonlights on.

Start with 30% power max- it may not seem like much now but these lights are pretty powerful- and chances are you won't be going much higher than 50% with soft corals.

As for the mounting legs- you can actually turn them upside-down so that the U shape is facing upwards- that would leave you with a flat surface to sit the light on top of the tank rim.

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