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Originally Posted by ThaChad View Post
Also just for completeness.

I have the light mounted 8.5" off the water. Because the tank brackets don't sit down on the rim of the tank it's about 0.5" higher than it should be. Once I slot the tank rim (Unless someone else has a better suggestion?) That should drop down to 8" off the water.

Honestly it looks like you have it set up pretty well right now- and I haven't seen the acrylic piece used that way before- however it looks like you made it an effective vise/clamp to the top of the tank rim- I like that idea and will suggest that to future customers.

8.5" is a good height.

Yes, the gen 1s had 30 minute increments. They also only had 2 channels. With 6 channels it would take a very long time to do 30 minute steps.

We do have an upgraded controller on the way that breaks each hour into 10 6 minute steps automatically (ie- you only have to program each hour, the controller divides the steps up in the background).

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