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Originally Posted by Reef_Breeders View Post
Honestly it looks like you have it set up pretty well right now- and I haven't seen the acrylic piece used that way before- however it looks like you made it an effective vise/clamp to the top of the tank rim- I like that idea and will suggest that to future customers.

8.5" is a good height.

Yes, the gen 1s had 30 minute increments. They also only had 2 channels. With 6 channels it would take a very long time to do 30 minute steps.

We do have an upgraded controller on the way that breaks each hour into 10 6 minute steps automatically (ie- you only have to program each hour, the controller divides the steps up in the background).
I'd be interested in that controller..

How is the acrylic piece normally used? lol

My tank actually has plastic mesh screens that sit inside the tank lip to prevent certain fish from jumping out. I am considering cutting off the clamp side of the mount bracket, so it will be shaped like an "L" flipped clockwise. If I use one of the threaded knobs and Pin the rod into the fixture so that it cannot slide, this will prevent the light from coming off the tank side to side, front to back i'm not really worried about..


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