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Originally Posted by Ron Reefman View Post
First, the fish and coral couldn't care less about the hourly jump in the change brightness or color of light. So that's a personal issue and not a problem for the aquarium.

Second, you should start thinking of the hourly change as being like a grandfather clock that chimes on the hour, every hour of the day. If/when you notice the hourly light change, just think of it as the lights reminding you that it's the top of the hour and let it go. It's just not a big deal.

Finally, you are in control of the change in the color of the light. Mine change brightness that I can see most hours. The only time I really notice the change in color is a couple of hours when it's going from blue to white during sunrise and from white to blue during sunset. My fish and coral don't care, so why should I (or you)?

The alternative would be to pay hundreds more for fixtures that change more gradually... or sit tight and wait for the new controller from Logan.

Your right somewhat.. Fish and Coral may not care (But who really knows?)

It IS a personal thing, which is what it is.. You don't understand how bad mine look right now lol... I was playing with it a little bit and got it looking pretty good for a few hours change... But Right now I'm just hoping someone will share their channel 1-6 settings that I know will have to be tweaked to my personal liking, but hopefully get me a lot closer than I am now...

Once I get mine setup to MY liking, I will share my final settings also so that maybe others can try it and maybe they'll like my settings and/or tweak it to their liking and hopefully share with others... That is what makes Public forum soo awesome!


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