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I have used dino-x and only turned on the LEDS on my ATI hybrid PM 8 bulb. I think I dosed it 3-4 times and with every dose, the tank was crystal clear with no carbon or UV online. It killed off the dinos. Dosing hydrogen peroxide gave me crystal clear water also so I'm guessing dino-x might have some hydrogen peroxide in it. Dinos was gone for several weeks but I think I reintroduced it to the tank when I put a acclimation box back into the tank that I only hosed down. I'm going to dose dino-x again if it gets out of control again. I'll also be bleaching my fish trap and acclimation box to stop reintroduction of dinos.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I lost a few SPS frags but I attribute those losses to the dinos itself. Those frags were being smothered by the dinos for weeks and blowing off the dinos when I get home from work every hour was not helping those frags. All lps and fish were unaffected. There was a nutrient spike after the dinos die off so suggest doing a massive water change once you see the dinos gone. It turned all my SPS brown from the nutrient spike.

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