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DOS AWC changing program question

Hey everyone!

Question for everyone, I am installing my DOS to do auto water changes, about 2 gallons a day. But I have some programming questions to see if my desired set up can work. So here are a few things about my set up.
1)I live in a 1 level apartment.
2) due to #1, ideally my set up will only use 1 water vat @50 gallons
3) it has a float valve on the upper wall to shut off RODI unit, but does NOT have one at the bottom. Don't really want to put one there and no breakout box either

I think that's all the technical stuff. So this is how I would like it to run: either Monday thru Friday OR days 1-28 of each month then last few days or weekends is when I would refill and mix my saltwater.

Does my explanation make sense? Is there an easier way to program this? Can the apex run off a calendar, like November has 30 days and December has 31. Can it run a program to account for the variation in days to start and stop? Or is there an easier way to program it with 1 container?

Thank you,


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