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Originally Posted by joecc View Post
Not trying to start a war but fish jump. Almost all species can jump out of a glass box. I can't count how many posts I've read where a hobbyist states that this or that fish jumped out of the tank and died as if that is some sort of surprise or could not be contemplated. It should not surprise anyone.

Put a lid on it. Your tank looking cool should not trump avoidable fish deaths
Agreed. At the very very least, don't gamble by putting known jumpers in a topless tank. I've done it in the past and been lucky, but I know better now and believe in this post. Only fish I lost to jumping was in QT when I forgot to put the screen cover back on. I feel really guilty when any fish dies in my care, knowing that it could have lived much longer in its original environment. If its something I know I could have prevented, especially with something as easy as a screen top, I feel really guilty...

A lot of these fish are pulled from their wide open ocean environments to live in our tanks. Its our responsibility to care for them in the best way we can.

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