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Originally Posted by Dmorty217 View Post
To answer the OP question, ich is as big a problem in a 1000g tank as it is in a 55g tank. Probably more so since there are more fish, time and money involved with large systems. Really sucks when you see all your hard work and money get sick, whether thats a 50g tank or one thats several hundred gallons. Inverts won't "host" ich but the free swiming stage can be in the water in the bag they arrive in or snail shells (really any hard surface.)Same with corals, except the cysts are on rock or frag plugs, not the corals themselves.
I think someone needs to come up with an actual cure that's reef safe lol

QT fish - I can do. But is it really even realistic to QT inverts, snails, ect? I don't think so but that's by .02 cents

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