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Originally Posted by shaginwagon13 View Post
I think someone needs to come up with an actual cure that's reef safe lol

QT fish - I can do. But is it really even realistic to QT inverts, snails, ect? I don't think so but that's by .02 cents
Some do but that presents a whole new set of problems. Sterile tanks and inverts like snails typically don't go together. Shrimp could have a good rinse in clean saltwater before going into a tank and that should be enough to take care of any ich that may have been in the bag. With snails I scrub the shells with something abrasive and rinse in my sink for a few seconds with freshwater and throw them in the tank. Hasn't failed me yet, doesn't mean it won't though

Fish are not disposable commodities, but a worthwhile investment that can be maintained and enjoyed for many years, providing one is willing to take the time to understand their requirements and needs

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