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Originally Posted by Subsea View Post

I am enjoying this conversation with you. I think the subject matter merits a wider audience. Not because I want more input than yours, but because too many reefers are misinformed by faulty information from the scientific community. Be sure they will protect their own and will attack this position.

Do you think that it should be in Advanced Topics, Disease Treatment, Reef Discussion or all three. I am not the OP, but I think moderators should consider the merit of this conversation to a larger audience.
I agree but you will spend most of your time fighting with people because they are set in their ways and refuse to learn or think outside the box. On here, you are either right or wrong there doesn't seem to be much grey area. There is no grey area on here when you have a PHD and 80K posts... you are right no matter what

Fish are not disposable commodities, but a worthwhile investment that can be maintained and enjoyed for many years, providing one is willing to take the time to understand their requirements and needs

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