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Are you guys suggesting i not stress about ich and do ich management?

The snail and coral topic is exactly what i was thinking. How do i ensure corals and snails don't bring ich to tank?

My bigger tank is cycling now. I'm thinning pulling my rock sand and corals and inverts out of my 55put in main tank for 76days.

Then put pvc in the 55 and treat all fish with cupramine for 10days. Then. Move them to big tank.

Going forward ill qt all fish in cupramine for 14days. I'll leave corals in separate quarantine for 76days but not sure howto handle lighting properly to keep the corals alive long enough to go to big tank.

As far as snails/ inverts I'm not sure how to quarantine as they need algae to eat, and can't put them in cupramine.

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