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Originally Posted by reefmutt View Post
One of my pink matrices and jf Flame sort of in middle..

Hereís OP on left, a new acquisition from Fragbox called blue monster in middle (I leeerve blue monster) and red diablo on right lower down.. oh and pink lemonade upper left..

Oh yeah! A semi fts.. left hand side

Op and pink lemonade with blueberry wine up top

I really love this shot.. op, blueberry wine and no name coral..

Blue.. need some blue. Iím on a quest for blue corals.. this guy next to su is growing well..

Another angle next to a bonsai wannabe..

Hereís another close up of op and red coral

Mmmm this photo dump is so cathartic!!! I have a few more..
Its so good to see these pretty colours on the SPS. I'd love to see a top down video of the corals in HD; that would be a treat. I did say some time ago maybe when you started the thread that you'd produce these sorts of results. And you havent disappointed one bit my friend. Keep up the nice work.

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