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Originally Posted by codydemmel4 View Post
everything is looking great. where is your alk now?

I will have to do some research on the bipotim but it looks like I would have to use 5 every 2 weeks or around 12 a month?
Hey Cody, alk is right around 7.. it had dropped several weeks ago to below 6 because my kalk doser got an air bubble in the line and slowed down. I just though it was my ca reactor not keeping up so I increased co2, then a couple weeks later I realized that the doser was slow, so I fixed that and saw alk go up to 8.. after cutting back a bit, I知 now stable at 7 ish.
As for Bioptim, I have only been dosing an ampule every Saturday and Wednesday in my 350 gallons.. so, 4 every 15 days.. however, I知 thinking of adding a third ampule in there somewhere since my tank is getting so densely packed with corals.

Originally Posted by slavetonet View Post
The latest photos are off the chart.
Awesome photos Matt.
I like the reefmutt watermark too.
Hey Kevin thanks! I want to try to use Facebook a bit more for business so the watermark is just to keep my photos identified as mine.
Originally Posted by watchguy123 View Post
Your colors and growth are awesome. The full tank shots are so pretty and amazing. I don't take full tank shots because I don't have that beautiful composition of multicolored corals all growing into each other. I hope to one day. Your photos are inspirational. And your corals, well they are just absolutely mind boggling beautiful
Well Mark, coming from the man behind Z痴 paradise, that is a huge compliment. Thank you very much. Likewise on the source of inspiration!
Originally Posted by sahin View Post
Its so good to see these pretty colours on the SPS. I'd love to see a top down video of the corals in HD; that would be a treat. I did say some time ago maybe when you started the thread that you'd produce these sorts of results. And you havent disappointed one bit my friend. Keep up the nice work.
Hey Sahin, thanks for dropping in on your thread! you got me to start it. Thanks for the kind words. I知 hoping you値l be posting just as good shots in the near future.
Originally Posted by tripdad View Post
Really nice stuff Matt, well done again!
Hey Scott, thanks! Appreciate it.

I have more macro compositions..
Here痴 one.. I値l try to post the rest later today..


Current Tank Info: 53x32.5x26 190g dt 60g of sumps 3 tank-100 gal frag system 4x AI prime 6xt5 3x150w mh. 4x maxspect gyre. Skimz Dual internal sicce pump skimmer Deltec PF601s ca rx+Kalk stirrer
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