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All my shrimp are gone??

Except for my pistol shrimp.*

I have an IM 30 that's topped off with RO, gets a water change every three weeks, filtration via tunze 9004, intank media rack converted to refugium.*

I had a cleaner, 2 sexy shrimp, 2 peppermint, and a glass anem shrimp. Everyone was fine until the hurricane, I lost 1 sexy shrimp after 7 hour outtage. Everything else was fine. Over the last 2 months the 2nd sexy, 2 peppermint, cleaner, and glass anem shrimp are all gone.*

Only recent addition is a small royal gramma.*
Residents: high bar goby/.5 peppermint pistol, trip of 3 small ocillaris, green emerald crab, non-anem hosting porcelain crab, 2-3" bta. Misc hermits, snails, fighting conch. All had been in the tank with all the shrimp (save the gramma) for at least 3 months.*

Don't get what gives?*
I've never seen a bristle work in the tank, no hydroids, aphasia, etc.*

Feeding 3 x a week. Clean the skimmer the same.*

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